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Lori T. Piscopo

Executive Director

The Deseret Foundation

Salt Lake City, UT  

Campaign Management

"The Deseret Foundation has accepted our most ambitious challenge to date – a capital campaign to raise $50 million for Intermountain Health Care’s new $362 million Intermountain Medical Center, a 1.2 million-square-foot medical facility located in the heart of Salt Lake Valley. Initially, our board of trustees had retained the services of another consulting firm. However, as time passed, it became obvious that we were not moving effectively forward. The Greenwood Company, without the benefit of conducting our feasibility study, has reorganized and refocused our efforts, and literally put us on a successful course. Their management of our campaign helped us go over goal and raise $50.6 million. They have been skillful, dedicated and professional in all levels of the campaign. I believe them to be the best consulting firm in healthcare philanthropy in the country."

Robert W. Mahley, M.D., Ph.D.
Founding President Professor of Pathology and Medicine

University of California,
San Francisco
Member National Academy of Sciences 



"Although the Gladstone Institutes had been in existence for 25 years, we had never undertaken private fund raising. After interviewing several companies, we chose The Greenwood Company.  What a stroke of good fortune! I could not be more pleased with our choice.

"As President of the Gladstone Institutes, it was expected that I carry the mantle of the organization in the fundraising arena. Nothing was more foreign to me after being a scientist and physician my entire career. However, The Greenwood Company carefully and gently coached and tutored me to go beyond my comfort zone. They encouraged me at every step so that now I find the process extremely enjoyable and productive. Our campaign is now over its challenging goal of $35 million."

Tyra MacGuffie
Director of Development

The Community School

Sun Valley, ID

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management

"Hiring The Greenwood Company was essential to our campaign’s success. They provided all the materials and expertise necessary to run a successful campaign.  Our Greenwood consultant had tremendous campaign experience, as well as a depth of knowledge in all development functions. As a Director of Development new to the major gift process, I learned more in six months about big gift asks from our Greenwood consultant than most development professionals learn in ten years on the job.  Following the Greenwood method practically guarantees success."

Joel J. Parrott, DVM

Executive Director

The Oakland Zoo

Oakland, CA 

Campaign Management

"Before our capital campaign for the new Center for Science and Environmental Education began, The Oakland Zoo was raising approximately $250,000 a year in philanthropic support and did not have a major gifts program. The campaign, supervised by The Greenwood Company, raised $4 million, surpassing our original goal by more than $1 million. Working with The Greenwood Company was a highly educational and rewarding experience. From start to finish, they provided the leadership, structure and motivating team spirit necessary to succeed."

Shelly Stuart
Director of Development

San Diego Humane Society & SPCA

San Diego, CA

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management

"We interviewed four or five consulting firms before deciding on The Greenwood Company for our $10 million capital campaign. One of our board members commented, ‘The Greenwood Company gives me confidence. I now believe we can do this!’

"They developed a plan and a timeline for our project, and helped us keep on track all along the way. They prepared all of our campaign materials, and study participants and donor prospects alike commented on our professionalism. The quality of our plan and materials enabled us to attract outstanding campaign leadership and cabinet volunteers. They trained us before each major gift solicitation which allowed us to go in with a confidence that really showed! By following The Greenwood Company’s direction, we raised more than $5 million in lead gifts and went over goal. They are the most professional, knowledgeable, and accessible consulting firm I have worked with on a capital campaign. I don’t think you can go wrong in choosing The Greenwood Company."

Elaine M. John
President and CEO

St. Helena Hospital Foundation

Napa Valley, CA

Campaign Management

"From The Greenwood Company’s first presentation of the Campaign Plan, I knew that we had chosen the right consultant! They have inspired and motivated our sophisticated Foundation Board, turning what was initially a daunting prospect into a fun and energizing experience.

"Their knowledge and experience with the unique challenges of fundraising in a health care system have been key in helping to build the involvement of hospital and health system leadership. They understand the system issues, speak their language and help inspire confidence in what we need the system to do to support our efforts.

"What we are learning through our association with The Greenwood Company has moved our development program to a higher level that will extend well beyond the life of this campaign."

Linda Kaye Briggs
Campaign Director and
Executive Director of Development

MultiCare Health Foundation

Tacoma, WA

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management

“We knew we needed the expertise of a firm that had been highly successful managing Emergency Services campaigns. The Greenwood Company proved to be that expert. Their ‘hands on’ approach, along with their workflow processes for each segment of the campaign, has proven to be the right roadmap for our journey. One of their finest gifts to us was their strategies for unique donor situations. Our on-site consultant was exceptional and very professional and knew what was needed to raise over $29 million.”

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management

“With so much at stake in a capital campaign, we were very pleased to have The Greenwood Company's detailed, comprehensive and very effective campaign process.  It put our campaign volunteers at ease and gave everyone confidence in our ability to win the campaign.   The campaign documents and gift approach training provided by Greenwood’s campaign team, as well as the daily support provided by the Campaign Supervisor, helped us meet milestone goals on time and helped create a culture of excellence within our foundation.”

Sarie Mackay
Executive Director

Beartooth Billings Clinic Foundation

Red Lodge, MT

Kerry Kastler Hepworth
President and CEO

The Foundation of Dixie Regional Medical Center

St. George, UT

Campaign Management

“Over the years our Foundation has retained the services of at least three consulting firms. While we have gained knowledge from them all, their contributions pale in comparison to those of The Greenwood Company. Their expertise, coupled with their know-how, energy and persuasive style can influence even the most reluctant member of our board or management. More important, however, is their attention to detail and their commitment to an effective major gift process. Never before have our gift approaches been so well strategized. Greenwood proves the idiom that development is 90% preparation/process and 10% “ask.” Our new hospital campaign has raised more support than we ever dreamed possible, generating $10 million in a community that has never approached that level of support for a nonprofit.  If your organization is looking for leadership, integrity and success, my recommendation is The Greenwood Company.”

Roger Bowen
Head of School

York School

Monterey, CA

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management

"York School chose The Greenwood Company because we were convinced they could teach us all of the fundamental requirements for a successful capital fundraising campaign in this, our first-ever capital campaign effort. We were right. The Greenwood Company cares about their clients. They took time to explain each of the fundamental requirements for success to trustees, development office staff and the Head of School. It was up to us to follow their advice. After leading us through a feasibility study which encouraged our continued efforts, they took us through a very thorough, effective campaign process that doubled our original $3 million goal to $6 million. We surpassed our highest expectations. The Greenwood Company is held in very high regard at York School.”

Lisa Wegley
Foundation Director

Mercy Medical Center Merced Foundation

Merced, CA

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management

“As someone new to fundraising, I knew I needed a full-service consulting firm for our capital campaign. Selecting The Greenwood Company was the best decision I ever made – it was like having my own private tutor! California’s Central Valley was hit particularly hard by the recession and we needed their team of experienced professionals to lead us in a successful campaign. In addition to supervising our campaign, our consultant also helped us establish a best practices foundation.  Not only did we exceed our $4 million goal, we have built a philanthropy program that is ready to reach our foundation’s potential and has positioned us as one of the top organizations to give to in our community.”

Dottie R. Piasecki
Executive Director

Providence General Foundation

Everett, WA

Feasibility Study
Board Retreat / Campaign Management

“One of the best decisions ever made by our Foundation was to select The Greenwood Company to conduct a Campaign Planning/Feasibility Study, facilitate a board retreat and provide on-site capital campaign counsel.

“Following a 1994 merger of our two hospitals, confusion and ill feelings still existed in our community. Implementation of the Community Education Plan recommended by our campaign study resulted in an understanding of the reasons for the merger, heightened awareness of the major economic challenges facing hospitals, managed care, the value of not-for-profit hospitals and the importance of philanthropy. The study also identified a realistic campaign goal for our $56 million capital project. Their in-depth interview process and detailed report prepared us well for our capital campaign.

“The Greenwood Company also facilitated our board retreat which was the best we have ever experienced. Their ability to educate, motivate and gain consensus is phenomenal! At the conclusion of the retreat we knew exactly ‘where we were going’. Directors were enthusiastic, confident to go forward with a capital campaign and excited to set the example by their own personal commitment.

“The implementation of our campaign was a very smooth process. Our Campaign Supervisor was one of the finest professionals in the field and a sheer joy to work with. It is truly a privilege to be their client.”


Janet DeWolfe
Vice President for Development

Saddleback Memorial Foundation

Laguna Hills, CA

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management / Development Audit

Board Retreat

"The Greenwood Company put our Partnership for the Future Campaign on the success track from the beginning with an extensive and thorough feasibility study followed by outstanding campaign counsel. We experienced several internal and external obstacles throughout the campaign, but The Greenwood Company helped us meet the challenges. Their dedication, creativity and remarkable attention to detail – in many instances well beyond the scope of the contract – are what made our campaign so successful. They worked well with the board, staff and campaign volunteers and gave them the confidence to make effective gift solicitations and their experience a rewarding one. We raised $16.4 million on a challenging $15 million goal!

“If you honor the process laid out by The Greenwood Company, you will have a successful campaign. We chose them because they are the best!”

Becky Kimmel
Executive Director

St. John’s Medical Center Foundation

Jackson, WY

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management

"Bob Greenwood began teaching my board members about health care philanthropy while his firm was being interviewed for our feasibility study and taught us throughout our feasibility study and campaign. We interviewed five firms and unanimously selected The Greenwood Company and we are extremely pleased with our results. Our feasibility study process gave us an honest appraisal of our situation and helped us develop realistic plans and a meaningful working financial goal.

“The professionalism of everyone in the firm is impressive and their knowledge of both health care and philanthropy has made a critical difference during our campaign. I consider it a joy and a tremendous learning opportunity to work with the entire Greenwood team.”

Adele Connors
Foundation Director

Kennewick General Hospital Foundation

Kennewick, WA

Feasibility Study

“The Greenwood Company’s proposal stood head and shoulders above all the others we reviewed during our Request for Proposals process.  Once we contracted for their services for a Campaign Feasibility Study, they exceeded all of our expectations and helped us to design a practical roadmap moving forward.  The Greenwood Company provides expert advice every step of the way.  Having guidance from the executive leadership at Greenwood Company proved very helpful and accessibility was never a problem. Our on-site consultant was the consummate professional.  She worked extremely diligently and highly effectively in executing the complexities of a campaign feasibility study. We feel very fortunate to have worked with The Greenwood Company as they brought to bear an impressive skill base that our organization was sorely lacking.  I would recommend the Greenwood Company to any organization considering a capital campaign.  Their extensive research, analysis, and evaluation produced invaluable results.”

Nolan G. Draney
(Former) Chief Executive Officer
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

Saddleback Memorial Foundation

Laguna Hills, CA

Feasibility Study / Campaign Management / Development Audit

Board Retreat

“As CEO of Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, I recognized that the dramatic changes caused by managed care were creating the need for substantially increased philanthropic support. Specifically, we needed to fund $15 million in essential new facilities. The Greenwood Company played a key role in this undertaking. They understood the necessary strategy required for us to overcome a number of perceptual problems in our community.

“Working with The Greenwood Company on our successful $15 million campaign (which exceeded its goal by $1.4 million) was a highly educational and rewarding experience. Their well-organized campaign plan and training for our volunteers was essential to our success. The benefits of our campaign have reached far beyond dollars raised. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any philanthropic organization requiring the highest level of experience and expertise in fundraising counsel.”

Greg Stuart
Vice President, Development

The ALS Association

Calabasas Hills, CA


Campaign Management

"The ALS Association is grateful to The Greenwood Company for its work on our five-year national campaign to raise a minimum of $25 million for The Lou Gehrig Challenge: Cure ALS research initiative. Mike Lewis and Bob Greenwood helped ALSA develop a campaign structure by traveling around the country to train The Association’s top leadership and members of Chapter Gift Approach Committees in effective gift approach techniques. At the conclusion of The Greenwood Company’s engagement, staff and volunteer leadership made a seamless transition to effectively manage the remainder of the campaign.”

Sue Covey, CFRE
Campaign Director

Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation

Burlingame, CA

Campaign Planning and Feasibility Study

Campaign Management

“This is my fourth capital campaign, the first with The Greenwood Company, and now I know what I was missing!  The expertise and attention to every detail that The Greenwood Company provides helped us exceed the goal of each division of our internal campaign.  The same attention to detail drove our external phase.  Each consultant has been a dedicated professional, diligently pursuing and strengthening our campaign case, providing countless hours of strategic direction, and most importantly, raising the expectations of all involved, our boards, our employees and the community.”

Dena Cochran
Vice President of Development

Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation

Visalia, CA

Campaign Management

“Our foundation has hired The Greenwood Company for two campaign studies and campaign management programs: the first in 1992 and the second in 2004.  We have had very good and very successful experiences with them on both occasions.

“They conducted over 70 interviews for our feasibility studies – many more than the other companies we interviewed were willing to do.  The interviewer made each subject feel that his views were important to us.

“At the outset, I thought capital campaign fund raising would be tough.  And wow, I was right!  If we hadn’t hired The Greenwood Company for our first campaign, we would still be locked in the starting gate.


“Looking back on our two successful campaigns, the most important thing I can say about The Greenwood Company is that they know how to do it.  They really understand hospitals and the special dynamics of raising money for them.  Our Campaign Supervisor was always there when I needed her.  You never feel alone during a campaign managed by The Greenwood Company.  And, best of all, we exceeded our goal in both campaigns!”

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